Essential oils

Quality natural and safe aromatic compounds for you, your family, and your home

Embrace Wellness with Gifts from the Earth

Oils can be used by everyone for almost everything. With doterra these gifts of the Earth are grown sustainably and with the highest regard for purity and quality.

When you switch over to natural products like essential oils, there will be a learning curve but don't worry - starting your oil journey with me ensures you will have access to all my knowledge and resources.

1) it's good to know that every person is different and it might take us

going through several oils and products to find what's right for you.

2) It will take some commitment on your end to use the oils consistently. Consistency allows the oils to build up in your system, remove toxins (see BEMER tab for added benefit in this area) and for you to really see the effects and change in your body, mind, and spirit.

Over the past 6 years that I have been using these sacred oils, I have seen benefits in every area of my life! I've been able to

  • dump toxic chemicals
  • switch out my cleaning products
  • no more candles candles
  • pure body/face products
  • all while saving money because I can make a lot of it myself.

A HUGE up-level for me was in my EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL body.

Before essential oils and doterra, I was disconnected from some of my emotions and being able to connect and speak my truth. It was the best surprise and a little bit bumpy of a road as I started to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It will be something you almost have to experience yourself to understand but honestly, something as simple as one drop of an oil on my wrists - inhaling through my nose and closing my eyes - having a short moment of peace while my brain takes in the aromatic compounds... it helps me connect into myself, to Source, to realize "I've got this" and to take things one step at a time.

Oils are a game changer.

SO, are essential oils for you?

I'm guessing since you are here, YES!

I'm sure you still have a lot of questions, and I can't wait to hear them!


Feel empowered and in control with natural solutions to your problems at your fingertips. Whether it’s an upset stomach, an itchy rash, or a stuffy nose, you’ll know you can handle it.


When you treat your body with natural, time-tested ingredients, you’ll feel better and feel the difference.


  • Sleep
  • Digestive
  • Immunity
  • Hormones
  • Respiratory
  • Joints/Muscles

Frankincense from Somalia.

Cardamom from Guatemala.

Ylang Ylang from Madagascar.

Douglas Fir from New Zealand.

Why Source these essential oils from all over the world?

doTERRA seeks out plants from areas that they are either:

1) Indigenously grown, or

2) Best thriving, due to humidity, soil condition and sustainability practices.

These efforts ensure that as consumers, we’re receiving a product that provides the absolute best chemistry for our bodies.

Every single drop of oil must meet strict testing, and to do this, the following is required:

  • Rigorous testing assures the presence of desired therapeutic qualities
  • Third party testing guarantees absence of toxins, contaminants and microorganisms
  • Purity of oils guarantees no negative side effects or drug interactions

It’s important to note that these oils contain no herbicides, pesticides, weeds or fillers… just pure magnificence from Mother Nature, captured in a sweet little amber bottle, wrapped in a doTERRA label.

And, if ever testing doesn’t meet their strict standards that oil will be taken off the market!

Beyond Essential Oils

Reiki Course

Is Reiki calling you?

When you know you know! This course will prepare you for being attuned to Reiki and also provide you with continued support and community after one or all of the Reiki attunement levels.


Reiki Membership

This membership was built for you to experience the beauty of how Reiki can bless your life when you have a consistent flow of high vibe energy.

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PEMF device that has a patented signal and the only only one with a FDA Class II approval!

BEMER has been scientifically proven to improve microcirculation up to 30 %.* With Better blood flow you can experience

  • optimized physical performance
  • elimination of metabolic waste
  • less stress
  • better sleep

A Gift From Me To You

Grab your 4-page worksheet that guides you through ways to instantly raise your vibration. Includes (7) personal essential oil blends to assist you in breaking through blocks and even connecting to your animal spirit guides.

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